Field of Gold

So I am gaining confidence with the Mavic after nearly a year and I’m always finding great stuff to film because I can be arsed to go out and look for it for once :slight_smile: Anyway, I discovered I have a liking for large farm machinery and I was lucky to find , follow and film this whole sequence…feel free to enjoy it too, and share it as well if you’d like as it warms my heart to know I’m helping someone have a nice day !!


Good to see you still around Super Johnny Adventurepants :smiley:

03:54 is like poetry in motion :blush:

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Amazing how fast the trailer is filled!

And then I think … if it was still harvested by hand … bread might be a bit pricey! Combine Harvesters are truly an incredible piece of kit.

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Great shots, I love the seamless motion in and around the focal point, made me think about my next flight and filming.

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