Figure 8's

I am working toward the commercial permission flight assessment. I am having trouble getting the figure 8 maneuvers consistent. Any help out there? Is it a matter of one smooth circle, with constant rate turn or is the left stick used in frequent small bites while keeping a slow forward pace? Is it a matter of using the expanded map or all direct visual line of sight? I am used to fixed wing flight instruction where every maneuver is demonstrated and then experienced first hand. Doing this with a drone is much more difficult for me.


Although you cannot fly it like this on your assessment I’d teach you to use yourself as the centre point.

Staring above your head fly a circle, with you as the outer edge, practice this left, right, nose in, nose out, sideways etc.

Once confident, add the second circle just reversing the stick movements.

Large circles and 8’s are easy, gradually getting smaller comes with a little practice.

Check flight logs in the app or on AirData to check the accuracy

Hope that helps and makes sense


There are threads on this subject already on site - I’ve just done a search on “Figure 8” and these popped up:

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It’s probably worth expanding the search to “pfco” and see what you get

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Thank you.


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