File upload / attachment size increased to 50MB

Hi everyone,

We made a change to the site earlier today in order to allow us to support larger file uploads / attachments in your posts.

In the past we’ve always had a 10MB file size limit. From today we now support files of up to 50MB each :+1:t2:

Hopefully, by eliminating the need for you to resize your photos before uploading them should make things a lot easier, and a lot less hassle.

However, please remember that we are not YouTube and that this forum is not the place to directly upload 3GB of edited 4K video footage :blush:

For videos, please continue to upload them directly to YouTube or Vimeo, then simply paste the URL of the video in to a blank line in your post in order to embed the video player automatically.

Thanks everyone, we hope the new 50MB limit helps!


Cheers Rich,very useful to know for when i get the occasional photo or very small vid i want to show ie my “flashing lights” : video that someone wanted to see the other day,ie smart controller on charge!:+1::+1:

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No worries Tony!

Although it was @sparkman999’s subtle hint that made us actually do something about it :rofl:

Like we said,

So please, keep the suggestions coming :+1:t2:


Thanks Rich,much appreciated :+1::+1:

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Me Subtle never…:thinking::thinking::thinking: