File upload / attachment size increased to 50MB


Hi everyone,

We made a change to the site earlier today in order to allow us to support larger file uploads / attachments in your posts.

In the past we’ve always had a 10MB file size limit. From today we now support files of up to 50MB each :+1:t2:

Hopefully, by eliminating the need for you to resize your photos before uploading them should make things a lot easier, and a lot less hassle.

However, please remember that we are not YouTube and that this forum is not the place to directly upload 3GB of edited 4K video footage :blush:

For videos, please continue to upload them directly to YouTube or Vimeo, then simply paste the URL of the video in to a blank line in your post in order to embed the video player automatically.

Thanks everyone, we hope the new 50MB limit helps!

Some panos from Pontsticill reservoir

Cheers Rich,very useful to know for when i get the occasional photo or very small vid i want to show ie my “flashing lights” : video that someone wanted to see the other day,ie smart controller on charge!:+1::+1:


No worries Tony!

Although it was @sparkman999’s subtle hint that made us actually do something about it :rofl:

Like we said,

So please, keep the suggestions coming :+1:t2:


Thanks Rich,much appreciated :+1::+1:

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Me Subtle never…:thinking::thinking::thinking: