Filey Brig with the Mavic 2 Zoom (RE- Edited)

This video has been re-edited from the one I posted yesterday, it has some good sunset shots added and last the full length of my favourite sound track.


Champion footage Frank .

Cheers Shane. :+1:

Very good, how did you manage to get the sun to set in the East tho?

You can get the Sun to set over the sea in Norfolk…
If you know where to look !.

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Well spotted mate there’s some sun rises as well, we was there for a week and it’s not easy trying to make a coffee and sneak out without waking everyone else up in a tourer caravan.:rofl:

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Ugh, pooh, drat, I now know for sure I will never post any videos. Superb job and Ayla Nereo ‘Stars’ so damn appropriate. Now I have to see on a map where Filey Brig is.


Thank you mate, Alya Nereo got an awesome voice.

She does have a great voice.

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