Filming early at hull bit windy

Filming at hull docks bit windy but great results mavic 2 pro


Going for the sunrise challenge by any chance?

is it me?, or has that horizon curved?
Just an observation.

Deffo looks slightly curved to me too

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didn’t think I needed “Specsavers” !
Great Picture though !

If your struggling

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I did notice it too tbh

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Anyone else with a MP2 having the problem?
Would have thought with a “Hasselblad”, even the testers would have seen that !
Maybe they should go to "Specsavers!

It’s a panorama

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are!, that may well answer why the horizon is curved.

Seems others are having the same.

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JPG and 8 bit video has lens correction in camera.

DNG and 10 bit DLOG or HLG is uncorrected

Same as the inspire apparently.

Well, all the pictures I have seen over the last week or so have been just as bad as it can get from a new drone !, due to the horizon distortion.
Seems that DJI should have done a lot more testing, before its release !.
Not a problem or results that I would want from a “Hasselblad”.
Are there eyes as bad as mine, seems like it.
Don’t they have “Specsavers” in China !.
I think i’ll hold off just a while longer to see how long they take to resolve this issue !!.