Filtering down features through firmware updates

Do DJI have much of a history in including features on older drones?
I have seen YouTube vids where people are crying out for Active tracking on the Mini 2 like it’s something that DJI may consider.
So if hey bring out a Mini 3 shortly and per chance it has this feature (or others like additional quick shots) is it likely they will release it for older drones if its possible by build spec?

I can’t think of any examples in recent years where this has happened. Would love to hear from people that know of such instances though.

I can’t actually see a business model or incentive for any drone manufacturer to do this though.

They’re all in the business of selling new drones so adding new features to old drones means nobody would ever need to buy their new drones :slight_smile:


The drone just isn’t powerful enough.

See what litchi brings , they have it to a fashion on the M1


The Mini 1 certainly wasn’t, and DJI freely admitted this.

The Mini 2 though… :thinking:


Nope me neither.

There were a few omitted features on the M2P but we’re advertised as coming soon and were eventually implemented.

No incentive for DJI to provide new features when they want people to buy the new model.

Your pretty much buying it as it is and if you want more it’s time to upgrade.


Thats what I thought.
What would the incentive be unless they were that caring about building loyalty and having people drip feeding new purchases instead of must ditch this one because the new one is way better.
So just pipe dreams then.


The normal firmware update cycle seems to be

Bring out new model

Rush out firmware v1.1 to correct defects early adopters found (DJI treat their fanbois like beta testers)

Improve stability of model over a few firmware releases.

Bring out new, shiny version 2 of model

End support of original model with a definitive firmware release. This either bricks model or makes it incompatible with accessories / software that it was working happily with.

All hail version 2 :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:


And if I’m brutally honest are the end product results from the very latest DJI offering any better than I was getting from my first foray into the drone world with a P3A 5 years ago?


What a surprise.
Microsoft and Apple were the 1st things that did this to me.

I think this business model applies to any industry.

Electronics, automotive, etc.


Think we’ve reached the point where there’s not much more scope for big upgrades in such a small package.

Will be mostly gimmicks or stuff DJI have deliberately held back.


Will we get Litchi for M2?
Will DJI release APK, or whatever they have to do, if there is a M3 in the pipeline?
Litchi for M2 could detract from M3 sales!

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I can’t see a reason why not

SDK (Software Development Kit), as for the much spoken about and anticipated M3P, if there is one I cant imagine it will sell like the MA2 and M2 due to the regs.

Didn’t hamper M2 sales when it was released for the original Mini

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The only reason DJI would enhance the feature of a product is if it were financially beneficial to them.

Example. When the Spark started to be bundled with a controller it was possible to connect the mobile device to the controller with an OTG cable. This was really beneficial to European Android users so they could use 2.4GHz because at the time European Android devices didn’t use the 5.8GHz channels needed to connect the device to the controller wirelessly. For some perverse reason DJI didn’t like this so they disabled the OTG option in a firmware release. European Spark owners got very pissed off as now they had even less range because they had to use 2.4GHz to wirelessly connect to the controller and 5.8GHz@25milliwatt for the control signal. DJI found that they were experiencing a huge volume of returns because of this and eventually re-enabled the OTG connection via a firmware release.

Another wish from Spark users was to be able to shoot RAW. The sensor was certainly capable as it used the same one as the Mavic Air. In this case DJI refused to budge, knowing that if the Spark could shoot RAW it would hit the sales of the Mavic Air.

As for object tracking with the Mini2, it’s definitely possible but not in the same way it’s done on the more expensive drones. It can be achieved by having all the grunt work done on the mobile device BUT the device needs to be high spec’d. It has been done on the Tello using the TelloMe Android APP, but the author does state that results will vary from device to device.