Final Cut Pro


Just having a play with this - amazing piece of software if not bloomin complicated!

Ready for the beginning of some YouTube vids…


Stephen Spielberg’s shitting himself :rofl:


Yep shit I know but you know what Jeff, I’m giving it a go…




That is with davinci resolve
Boy was it hard to do will be doing final cut
That video of mine is more like a JOHN carpenter movie…


I tried FCP a while back but bloody hell, it does about a thousand things I don’t even understand!

I very quickly lost my bottle and went running back to Apple iMovie with my tail between my legs :blush:

Tried Davinci too, same thing happened… I just sat there looking at the screen thinking “WTF…” :open_mouth:

It was around this time I thought I’d stick to taking photographs :rofl:


When FCP is the defacto industry goto for TV production the world over … one can pretty much assume it’s way-way more than a home-drone-videographer will need. :wink:


Ok how’s about a group FCPX teaching thread we can try things out and post other useful videos to get using it better like most software the is an easy and a hard way of doing things
I picked a lot of info up on you tube and try things out a bit at a time
Then get drunk and start over… works for me