Finally finished a build

So of the builds I have got one I finally finished and got to maiden one of them

This is my 5” armattan badger dji edition
Specs as follows
armattan badger 5” dji edition frame
T-Motor f60 pro3 1900kv motors
Dji air unit
Fettec 45a 4in1 esc with antispark
Fettec kiss flight controller
Azure props Jonny edition

All powered by 6s lipos

I’ve flown a lot of quads but this is my first kiss build (that actually worked). Have to say it’s possibly the smoothest flier I have ever used. If you haven’t tried kiss then if you can stomach the cost (and it is an investment) then well worth a look!


Nice looking build,
Will look forward to seeing you put this through it’s paces :+1: :smile:
Cheers Steve

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Gorgeous looking build, James. :wave::wave::wave: