Finally Got Out of South Glasgow

I finally got to get out today got great photography at Loch Lomond and Balloch castle feel like finally I have found a great place keep flying


Pictures, or it didn’t happen :grimacing:


Glad you found somewhere to regularly fly. Im sure the scenery around there must be amazing! :+1:t2:

Thanks I would love to post the pictures and videos I got of Loch Lomond and Balloch Castle but I need too be a commercial pilot but I enjoy every moment :+1::handshake::fist:

I’m not a commercial pilot I only have my operator ID & Flying ID and I know I can’t post them on the internet it’s the law but who thinks I should show them

It happened lol

What law’s that then ?

Not sure where you heard this bud but I’m not a commercial pilot and I post mine here and on Facebook and have a YouTube channel.

Any footage or images you take are yours to use how you see fit, once you then go on to make money from them you are in breach of CAA regulation. Posting them online is not illegal or breaking CAA guidance.

I’m sure a grown up will be along shortly to quote actual laws and regulations.

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Can’t claim to be a grown up, but here you go:

The only thing you require a PfCO for is to fly in return for remuneration i.e. if at the time of flying you are expecting payment for what you are doing, you must have a PfCO.

It’s completely clear that if at the time of flying, it was for your own reasons and not for payment, you can share the photos wherever you want, and indeed receive payment for them later whether by direct payment, advertising revenue etc.

So this suggestion:

once you then go on to make money from them you are in breach of CAA regulation

is not correct, as the second link makes clear.


And of course all that will disappear anyway if/when a new Air Navigation Order is issued to implement the new EASA regulations, after which you can do what you like commercially, the restrictions will then only be about risk.


Unless you were dropping stuff into Barlinnie, then it’s probably best not to post


Every days a school day :ok_hand: I didn’t know this.



Nice pics mate, I would be tempted to give them a good dose of HDR.

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Good posting Gary, now to wait for the feds to come knocking :policewoman::policewoman:


Great :+1: lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: thanks for the information :information_source:

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Yeah I have PFCO