Find my drone

has anyone
seen my drone…lol

seriously how good is the find my drone feature on go4 app?

Pretty accurate, it should give you its last position.
I assume you upload your flights in the DJI App to HD Sync?

It worked for me to help find my Inspire.
I believe it shows the last seen GPS position, it might not be so helpful if it goes into atti and flys off.


nope :frowning:

You should still have a record in the DJI Go4 App.
Click Drone symbol (bottom left of Go4 opening screen,
Tap the small bars in top right hand corner, you should see flight record.

Thanks Chris i will have a look, the red arrowhead on the map… does that show the drones position

Yes, you can scroll through flight with the slider at the bottom of screen.
Should give Map ref as well at the end of the flight.
Were you in open countryside?.

No i think it has come down in a tree or bushes, i did at one point regain contact tried to take off agin it gave me the message it was on uneven ground which made me suspect it was stuck up a tees on in bushes

I would take the other drone and go drone spotting !.
Which is lost, Mavic 2 or Mavic Air.

its getting dark , fat chance

battery would be flat so no lights

You mean on the lost drone?

Sounds like a return trip early tomorrow, just pray for no rain !.

horrible forcast fat chance. i will go look at the go4 app

You should be able to get to the last known point from the App, just match your position on Google Maps, with the drones position.

Shame the batteries flat, if it was the Mavic 2 you had lost and the battery was still kicking you could have turned on the belly light, you could see that from a mile away !.

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tappaing the drone synbel noting happening

tapping the drone symbol nothing happens

now the battery of the moverio Bt 300 are flat will have to leave it for now