Finding a flying area

How do you guys go about finding a fly zone? Im on the cautious side so didnt want to just fly anywhere and cause a problem ,do you approach landowners? Thanks Harvey

Just rock up and fly

Whats your location (don’t need to be exact) and maybe members can suggest somewhere

Found you from an earlier post

How about this

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For me it’s usually word of mouth, search on Google maps or mostly pointing the car in a direction and driving out in the back roads for hours. Best places are usually the ones you come across by accident


I live in Yateley ,Hampshire

Lol That`s walking distance from me

It’s also within/on the edge of Blackbushe FRZ.

Doesn’t mean you can’t fly there, but does mean you need to contact their ATC to get their permission.

For me it starts with local knowledge of areas with sufficient space that flying a drone and othjer folks being there won’t always clash. Then it’s down to the old legwork of Google maps / earth or researching existing images from the area in question…

Where I don’t know an area I will tend to ask in various forums I’m in for reccomendations or ask those I know that are local’ish.

You can ask a farmer if he’d mind you flying over a few of his fields and offer to film him during harvest for free. Or find a nice public footpath just off the beaten track, 20 seconds after take off your a guy looking at a mobile phone. Choose your flight time also. I fly early morning weekdays or early evening… when there’s least people about.

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