Firmware swapping workaround?

Hi chaps, hope your all good. This is probably a dead end question but here goes.
Running 2 Dji drones off one controller (obviously not at the same time😜), is there any way to not have to swap firmware over, and pair, everytime you swap drones? Nice and simple, and I probably know the answer. It’s either I carry 2 controllers, or go through the firmware install, just wondering on the off chance there may be a workaround.

Cheers in advance.

Just to help people answer - that’s the Air2S and Mini2 on your profile?

If both drones are on the same firmware which matches that of the controller then you can just swap back and forth

Yeah sorry, drones involved are the mini 2 and air 2s. Both are running up to date firmware.

Thanks for the replies so far.

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