First 360 Sphere (pano) - Ballyclare, Northern Ireland

After seeing JHDee post of the 360 pano, I thought i would give this a go myself.
Is there a way to keep the photo in the format that Kuula does for you? (To add to a website or microsoft power point presentation)

Thanks in Advance guys.


This adds the Bird’s Eye Viewer Badge to your profile, too! :+1:

You might want to look at Step 2 in : Interactive 360 Panoramas - How To Post on GADC , since this enables a larger and more easily viewed version (particularly on laptop/computer) to be posted here, eg:


I guess you mean so that you can scroll around it in the same way?

Depends on whether the web server you’re using creates an embedded player, as per your initial post, but at least the full-screen icon can be clicked to open it in a Kuula tab, and then the full-screen icon, again, to make it full screen.

That’s one advantage of the method I suggested of posting here - the full-screen icon takes it to full-screen in one click.

Depending on the server for the website you want to add it to, that method might also work there - but often will need extra permissions.

btw - where abouts was this pano taken?

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Thanks for all that info.
Photo was taken in my town, Ballyclare, Northern Ireland.

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I’ve updated the thread title with the location. :+1:

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Thanks @OzoneVibe I was trying to re-edit but i surmise there is a time limit from posting to editinig.

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Yup - there is - it’s a time-limit that increases as your membership level goes up … not that it’s actually mentioned on that page, nor is the time-limit for each level.

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Nice one Roy - looking good :+1::+1::+1:

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Trying to find Johnny whites on this was a good chipper when I was about…

Just found it or the back of it rather :+1:

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There are a lot of cars in the old Woodside’s car park. I used to be in and out of there regularly and I remember it closing down when Asda opened next door. I’m guessing it’s open again in some form?

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@TheFatController yeah, Woodsides sold it a long timne ago. Its a HomeBargains store now

@SirrRoyston I remember it being built to replace the old store on the main street, they had also opened a store in Carrickfergus (which is also closed now). At the time I worked for Hovis and was there doing set-up the day the new store opened, and it was doing well until Asda opened. It’s nice to hear it didn’t just turn into a derelict ruin. :smiley:

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A derelict ruin like the old asda/morrisons/wellworths/woodsides :scream:

Ha, you just reminded me…I’d completely forgotten about the original Wellworths. We got a call out one morning when our delivery driver slipped and got wedged in the scissor-lift at the back of the store. It took two of us to rescue him. That was a long time ago. :rofl: