First attempt at sunset

First attempt at a sunset, getting used to the settings of the mavic and editing.


Check out mine from 2 years ago it was not intentional to be honest

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Nice, think I’m going to keep trying to get some sunset photos and get better. :+1:

Well that’s a good start my friend I got some nice ones last week with my New Mavic Zoom trying hyperlapse but no joy think I need to swot up on You Tube lol

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Yeah I think I’ll be doing the same. Good old YouTube. Haha.

As a first attempt that’s nice…

Did you shoot in RAW as I always find that allows a lot more flexibility when processing the image and may even allow you to recover details or dampen down overbought areas. That said, pointing direct at the sun you are always going to have a blown out section.

Useful to bracket shots or use ND filters in those circumstances.

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Can’t remember what settings I used as I wanted to get it up and get some shots. Haha. I’ve got 6 different filters so next time I’ll just keep bringing it down and swap them to get the best results.
Thank you for your advice👍

I have the full polar pro range from ND 4,6,8 16 32 64 latter 3 I have the polarizer filters too just learning all that side of things, up to now ND4 is my one for sunrise sunset , 16 I tried on a sunny day it was blackout did not work so on with the trials

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Not bad, it’s a nice shot. Is that the Mavic 2 pro you used?

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I use an 8 for sunny days and get decent results. Going higher needs more practice and experimentation with ISO.

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Mines just the mavic pro 1. Slowly moving up models, as I used to have a spark.


Hi @stevesb yeh I’m just trying them out as I go purchased the 16-64 in error 4,8 16 used with my Pro before upgrading to zoom

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