First attempt at video edit

Recommend getting a Vimeo or YouTube account for sharing videos with @GraPow :+1:t2:


Ok. Will do. New to this stuff so need all the advice I can get. Thank you.

That was easier than I thought it would be!:grin:



Not bad for a first. I HATED the mix towards the start! You need to work on the smoothness of pans and tilts, but very good otherwise!

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Nice pics but agree about the transitions. You’ve fallen into the newbies “I’ve Got It So I’ll Use it” trap, where people new to video editing feel they have to use cheesy transitions. The music is calm and relaxing and you use a couple of multi pictures, which spoils the ambience. Calm and relaxing = soft fades or wipes. The pictures were good but you can get rid of the sudden pans by editing in a cutaway to something else and then go back to the original shot after the jump. BeltandBraces mentions the mix at the start, he’s not watched it through to see the one near the end, which makes me think he lost interest. Good attempt though, at least you posted. Keep 'em coming.

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Yep - I didnt like the first mix either! As I said, I’m still learning so appreciate your comments. Thank you.

Thanks Rafter. Yep, need more practice and the advice helps. Thank you. I’ll just keep trying until I get somewhere close to decent. :blush:

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A fine effort for a first video! You always learn from each one! You’ll get there, with smoother pans, and neater shots etc… but for a first go you should be proud of that!

I like the under-exposed vibe, where the sunset and the sea are the parts you notice and everything else is kind of a dark/silhouette. The music works well too!

Like others have said (and I did this myself when I started), try not to adjust the pan/tild/direction of travel mid shot. If you do have to (sometimes its unavoidable) then consider cutting it out in the edit and fixing the two parts back together with a nice dissolve transition.

On the editing software, less is more these days. Simple titles and transitions tend to look more professional.

If you fancy it, have a go re-editing the same footage again and again until you get a really tight version taking in all the things you’ve learned? Good practice?

Thanks Longstride, I’ll do that. Might take me a few goes but practice makes perfect.

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Make sure to share each one!