First Attempt with Mini 2 - Anne Port - Jersey

This is my first attempt (due to weather etc.) at making an edited movie (and stuggling with no space on my old MacBook too!).
Would like critical feedback!
Thanks Pete


Nicely done :ok_hand::+1:

That’s a great first video a bit of music soundtrack would just be the icing on the cake :+1:

Great video, watching in work so lack of sound no issue here!

Thanks Silverfox … I am struggling with my old Mac at the mo. so only using iMovie and even less experienced with that than I am actually taking the footage!
I will get there - but I may need to invest in something a bit more powerful than my current mac.

Very good I haven’t yet manage to edit or post a video.:clap::+1:

Really good, enjoyed that, does justice to a wonderful place

great colours and scenery…

jealous… in a nice way LOL

Nice video :+1:

I wonder why that RIB is flying the ‘A’ flag yet doesn’t have a diver in the water… :thinking:

Great piece of work. Made me want to visit the location which is always a good sign!

If you want to include music in future videos, then try either Eric Matyas or Both have a good selection of royalty-free tracks you can use for your videos, provided you credit them appropriately.

Keep up the good work :+1: