First Bash

Trying to set up a channel on Youtube so friends can view as well as anyone who may come across my efforts.
This is a short clip from Sandsend Whitby. First time I’ve sent the MP over water. Sweaty palms to say the least.
Im finding that A set of good ND filters is needed as its very difficult to use manual settings on bright days with out them.
Go easy on me LOL but any constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks Folks.


I edited the YouTube URL onto its own line … that way it creates the embedded player. :wink:

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Cheers. Can we all do that or is it something only moderators do.
If we can how do I do it. Thanks

When you posted the YT URL, it just followed the “… Thanks Folks.” on the same line.
Adding new line for the YT URL does the embedded player automatically for everyone.



Got it. Thank you sir.


Good effort my man .
I know the first time over the sea can be a little squeaky bum time but you get the confidence as time goes by .
Well done .
ND filters are always a good tool to use and also set your iso to manual . As near to 100 as you can .
This will stop the light changing in your shoots . Make it all even .

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Setting the white balance to anything other than auto does this, even on manual ISO the light will change

That’s interesting to note about white balance. I always assumed white balance would not cause any difference to the light level as the camera turns.
From my days with a DSLR I used to always set white balance accordingly and never used auto. They were stills though.
You could play with different settings to pull more into a shot and at times give it a look and feel that was pleasant in the final image.
Always shot in raw for post processing so I could change it in post if needed.

That and AF are the main scourge of the digital age :wink:

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Iso and white balance are not the same .
Iso 100 shoot in dlog and adjust in post .
I think haha.
Willing to be corrected .

OBVIOUSLY they are not the same … for one thing, they’re spelled differently! :wink:

What Chris is saying is that auto WB causes changes whilst recording as the colour mix of the subject changes. A total pain to edit out.
Far easier to fix (most people, me included, leave in “Cloudy” mode) so that what you record doesn’t have another cause of change - DURING the recording.

I’m I the only old geek who still has an 18% grey card in his bag? Totally useless with a drone but a throwback to the old days ;o)

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I had a high end Nikon DSLR. still found grey card and a meter far more accurate than what the camera could read.
All cameras only read the reflected light infront of them where as a meter can give a true light reading off a subject.
Old school still the best in my opinion.

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Use my grey card mostly for indoor use and setting white balance best, but for outdoors it’s almost essential for high-key work … taking pics in white-painted Italian villages in bright sunshine, etc. … saves hunting around and doing spot metering of brightest/darkest items.

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Tell it to the kids :wink:

M is the most underused setting on any photo gear nowadays.

Even seasoned photographers still are flummoxed when they use my gear as I always use back button focussing (for a different topic)

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Its each to their own as far as how much they really want to understand the process. Sadly in the world we live in very few want to know how something works. They just want it to work. Me personally It was Aperture priority most of the time.
F8 and be there. was a good motto.

Thats what I was trying to get over . Set wb to appropriate day and iso to 100.


Very brave flying close to seagulls. They hate my drone. Haha