First build.... Eeeek

Right so… I think it’s time to build a 5inch, been umming and arrring for the last few years, and let’s do this. Was amazed to see the quads on Sunday (where and who I’ll fly with might be an issue, but… we’ll sort that!)

So there is going to be a lot of advise here, and recommended parts, etcb but I think I’ll start by looking at Oscar Liangs build an analogue drone list (How to Build an FPV Drone From Scratch (Analog FPV System) - Oscar Liang), see what’s in stock, find alternatives, etc, etc and then make a list and share here for “checking”.

A couple of questions though:

  1. Do I avoid banggood, aliexpress, etc stick to UK retail places (have used HobbyRC, Unmanned tech before)?
  2. I do need a new charger I’m 95% sure my SkyRC T200 charger is wrong, as it “balances” 2S batteries to 4.3/3.6volts (actually takes the 2nd cell down). Any recommendations there? I don’t want to spent a fortune. I can acquire a PC PSU easily. Considering: ISDT Q8 500W DC Charger? I can use that in the field. Or anything else for around £50 not too bad.

After trying @notveryprettyboy s HDO2 goggles, whilst they were nicer, I don’t think I’ll need or want to upgrade from my “fake” Eachine EV800Ds just yet!

Was good to see @Earwig list of costs of FPV, so think I know roughly what I’m getting into (I hope!)

In the meantime back to DRL and Velocidrone for practise and muscle memory!

Cheers all


Could only dream if owning a 5”

:door: shit, wrong thread :grimacing:

Good luck with the build :+1:t4:

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Banggood are fine just have to check the delivery times if its from the UK warehouse it often comes next day, if its coming from china you may be waiting a month. Have ordered from both unmanned and HobbyRC and can vouch for both.

You may be able to alter the setpoints on your charger so I would look into that before splashing out but I have and ISDT Q8 and can vouch for it being really bloody good but you will need to consider that it ONLY runs on DC power via XT60 so will need to put it on your car battery or another source of DC input it also does not come with leads to do this so make sure to order an XT60 - whatever you need cable to avoid disappointment.

Ha ha ha! I made the mistake of browsing ebay and found a nearly new Nazgul V2 with the right receiver in it for a good price so that is now on its way to me. D’OH! :man_facepalming:

Anyway, I bought my GEPRC Crocodile Baby from Banggood. It shipped from China and arrived in a little over a week. The battery I ordered at the same time hadn’t arrived after a month and they refunded that without question.

UnmannedTech have always been excellent. I’ve just spent another fifty notes with them on the incidental extras I’ll need for the Nazgul.

I’ve also had things from HobbyRC and, just recently, Drone Authority, who have just refunded an incorrectly ordered antenna.

Edit: Good luck with the build. I was tempted to do that myself until I found the ready made one. No doubt my time will come.

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I’m not too concerned with delivery times at the moment (have ordered stuff from China before), what about UK taxes, etc? Are they all included from BG, AliExpress, etc? or do you get nasty shocks on delivery?

I’ve looked into “fixing” changing/calibrating the T200, but it says contact the manufacturer for the “code” to get into it. I don’t know what I’d do anyway. I’m quite annoyed TBH bought it last year for RC Cars, charged LiMH batteries for a while, before getting lipos and noticigin that “balance” took a < 0.1 difference, and the longer you “balanced” the greater the difference between cells.

I have a few leads for D type, XT60, and 30. I am also happy to convert an old PC PSU for the DC input (assume 12V). Hmmm, £50 is £50, so if can “fix” the T200 that’d be great.

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Cheers Earwig. I did consider a semi/fully built one, but that’s why I got the tinyhawks. I am fretting a bit on the soldering, but we’ll see when UI get there. Will practice on some old PCBs have lying around! I thought might as well learn how to repair by making it in the first place! Will be 3D printing next no doubt, and the “gopro/runcam/insta go 2” mounts, etc. hah

Found this from the manual:

Voltage Calibration (for expert user only)
SkyRC T200 allows you to calibrate the voltage directly on the device with a 6S LiPo battery. (For more information please contact us at

But I’m not expert, and don’t (yet) own a 6S cell anyways!

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I bought the Tyro119 and Tyro129 (6inch and 7inch) kits from Banggood and they’re two of my favourite FPV quads.

I have one of these as well as another model. It’s very cheap and very effective at home and in the field. It requires 10-34v input xt60 connector. XT60 output with balance port.

You can charge basically anything with it up to 6s If you have the right adaptors

You will have alot of fun building your own quad @gunja99 just don’t expect it all to go completely smoothly as it probably won’t but that’s half the fun sorting out any issues :smiley: Good luck and have fun! Don’t forget to ask all the questions you need to. All the guys on here love helping others :+1:t2:

Found this but you will need a 6s and a multimeter

It’s the Q200 but might be the same as the T200

Its a bit odd really. I’m not sure its a calibration issue as it knows the voltage as it displays it. And its dragging 1 cell down.

Here’s some photos of what it states the battery is at. I have a couple.of battery checkers that confirm cells are correct. Does it with an of the batteries I’ve tried (though never let them get this far out before will probably have to bin this one)

It’s not in storage or discharge mode? 3.72 is ok

Beat me to it!

So what you are saying is if you plug in a good known battery it reads it correctly?

Well when they start at 4ish and you balance charge and it gets to 4.2 and 3.7… Strange. I’ve definately used the correct modes. I basically balanced charged it from a reasonable charge 4.0ish, one cell up the other down.

Yes, and other battery checkers validate this. Does cell 2 tend to go first when you have issues. TBH these 3000mAh ones I’ve had are very new and used for my TX16S

Are both ports the same? Are you able to move the balance lead up a couple of pins to see if its a problem with balance port? Not sure if your charger will allow it though.
Also, what happens if you put into storage mode?

Im not at home at the moment, so can’t check. Can some move the balance lead up a few pins then and it’ll still work? Surprises me, as the ground I’d thought be the ground!

I also broke the XT60/XT30 lead as I left earlier, oops, so will need to resolder that!

I will try storage mode next time to get them to the 3.8V

Its ground, but only in reference to something that’s not ground. As I understand it.
Never liked the term ground, I prefer positive and negative, with ground smack in the middle :man_shrugging:

Hah yeah, but though they were all done in reference to the negative (black) pin.

Maybe I need to do some more close testing on BOTH channels. Weird that they both are “faulty”