First crash, definitely fatal

Was just bringing my mini2 home and it went nuts tried to get it respond on the sticks, pressed land and nothing worked. Managed to get a 9 second video and have the flight log any one have any ideas of why it might have happened?

Owing to the fact it landed in lane 2 of the North bound a23 it hasn’t made it to make it worse I heard it get hit. Have driven the section and there is nothing there at all.


Have you got the footage immediately prior to that? Was it flying fine before this moment?


Looking at the errors in the log, seems like it’s had a whack off something which has knocked out one of the motors. Maybe a bird?

Not sure why the altitude went to -300m though… :thinking: I’m sure you weren’t that high above the road when you launched.


Could also be a prop failure according to this page on the Airdata site. Did you check the props for damage before you launched?


Nope wasn’t filming just bringing it back.

Only started filming when I realised nothing I did had any effect on the aircraft.


The one that starts it is motor blocked so not sure what that could have been.

Full inspection of everything before I took off had a few minutes of flying with no issues before things went down hill.

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There’s only a 1 sec gap between the “motor blocked” error and the collision error. So could be that something hit/blocked the prop immediately before the drone pitched to the right and set off the collision error.

Sorry to hear you’ve lost your Mini. I’ve become very fond of mine - would be devastated to lose it.


Yup I didn’t see anything hit it but it was up highish. It is what it is more annoyed with loosing all the stuff on the sd card. Oh well.

Chris @ResilienceUAV I’d open a case with DJI if I were you.

You’ve got nothing to lose, the worst they can do is say “no”.


Trying to do that but there website isn’t great lol…

@ResilienceUAV unlucky & very lucky , crashing into the dual carriageway could have caused a serious accident…10 metres either way and you might have had recoverable wreckage which could have given a clue to the cause…the scenario is a reminder to us all that when choosing where to fly consider the possibility of a malfunction and how important public liability insurance is …In a matter of seconds it was all over and you were totally helpless I hope you have success with DJI …but that said if it was possible for members to start a collection I would be more than happy to chip in towards a replacement for you …regards Alan


Yup, I am annoyed the drone is in many pieces and it’s likely to cost me £££ but I am glad it’s the only casualty.

It’s very telling that even when you have VLOS and deliberately stay away from hazards it can all change very quickly and it can go the very place you don’t want it too.

Ah that is very kind I have been in touch but will have to wait for next week for a response let’s see what they say.

Will need to get some more flytron crees and new brackets from @ash2020 too haha.

Hey Chris, really sorry to hear about your crash. It’s a terrible feeling when you lose control. I’ve had a couple recently. If you let me know when you get a replacement, I’ll happily send you a free pair of mounts. Good luck.


It’s just watching it do what it does with no control of where it goes, it wasn’t fun when it was over the field but when it started going over the carriageway my heart sank I won’t lie I didn’t care less at that point about the drone just didn’t want it to cause and accident.

Are you sure that is very kind of you? :blush:


No prob. :+1:

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Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t2:


Good news!


Good news Chris @ResilienceUAV

Thanks for opening a case with DJI :+1:t2:


Amazing news. Saves spanking the credit card!

Blimey :scream: Having a fault and loosing control mid-flight is bad enough but over a motorway too, hope your nerves are back normal, awful luck.