First day

Hey all so first day out flying. Took the ma2 for its first flight over a feild and got chatting to someone who likes my drone. I think he was checking up on me as he was asking if I had and operators ID and flyers ID, I did have them but felt curious as to why I got asked on my first day out. Just wanted to check with you all is there anything else I should be getting like a license. I have passed the test online and registered my drone with the CAA and clearly marked them on the drone. Not sure what else is needed. Sorry again new to flying.


Sounds like a busy body with bugger all else to do.
Just follow the drone code as best you can when people are around.
But he might just be nervous about flying :man_shrugging:t2: who knows


Drone and or FaceFook police.

You got all you need, maybe carry a copy of the drone code in your bag for any curious bystanders.

Perhaps take a look at some Public Liability insurance too, well worth the £20 for some peace of mind.

And enjoy the flying :wink:


I agree with the PLI. Peace of mind. I got mine from the drone cover club, about £30 for the year. I dare say there is cheaper.

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I got a similar inquiry for the first time in over a year’s flying today - asking after my insurance, registration etc, by someone identifying themselves as a park ranger. Turned out he was also an r.c. model aircraft hobbyist, we had a very nice chat.


You had everything needed to fly. My concern, if it can be called that, is what authority anyone has to be asking you these questions. After all, I’m not legally allowed to ask motorists if they have a driving licence. If anyone asks me if I have the relevant registrations, I would ask them under what authority they have to be asking. As far as I’m aware we don’t live in a communist country where we fear being reported by our fellow countrymen to the state. I’ve been asked umpteen times by passers by if I’m registered and I just say ‘yes thanks’, keep it polite but don’t give them any more information.


You will get people approaching you. Most are interested and very happy to be shownt he aerial view on the screen on your phone or tablet.

If they are looking for a confrontation explain that first you need to land the aircraft safely and responsibly according to the law and then you can show them documentation.

I have a range of docs on my phone that cover drone code, registration, PLI, photography in public places, what is allowed on Crown Estates, in Royal Parks and police advice to photographers. You may prefer to print the documents out.

It’s an insurance for an event that, for me at least, has yet to happen. As long as you look confident and that you know what you are doing you will be approached by the interested, not by the argumentative :slight_smile:


Hey thanks for replying where are u getting PLI for £20 I got quoted 98 by drone cover…

As Chris posted above, join FPVUK. Your 20 pound membership includes £5 million PLI


Hi where did you get all those pdfs from might be worth getting them

There is a lot of good info Here and a lot of downloadable documents.

Hope this helps :+1:t2:

I agree, I have yet to have a bad experience with the public, They start of authoritarian asking if you are registered etc and a polite ‘yes thanks’ tends to shut them up cos they don’t know what to say next, they can hardly demand to see any documentation, so I show them what I can see on screen and tell them of the technical capabilities of the machine, how it has obstacle avoidance, RTH and won’t allow me to take off in a NFZ (remember Gatwick…shudders. Lol): I’ve had many a chat with people and left them and turned a negative into a positive.


Through reading and following links. If you google the titles you will probably find them.