First drone b-roll - Culham Lock

For my first outdoors flight with my DJI Mini 2, I decided to check out this member-recommended location near me called Culham Lock. This video is from the footage captured before I crashed the drone.
It’s less than a minute long. I know there are a bunch of things wrong with it but I am just starting to learn. Hopefully it will get better. Hope you enjoy the video.


I like the reflections of the sky in the canal , but what happened you crashed the drone ?

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Thanks, it was a pretty scene.
Yes, i crashed my Mini 2 into a tree later.

@nextcent but you were able to recover it …any damage …don’t let it put you off …concentrate on flying and do photos and video when you feel you are ready …go at your pace

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Yes, it fell where I could pick it up. The gimbal is broken. That’s excellent advice, I will do that when I get the replacement from DJI. Thank you.