First Drone purchase

Hi all after a friend of mine bought the mavic mini its sparked my fire and after careful reading up just got a mavic air 2 today so any tips and good places to go aroung the hull and grimsby area would most appriciate it :slight_smile:


Hi Matthew and welcome to GADC.

Good choice on the MA2 hope you can share some photos and videos, lots of members have already with DJI’s newest offering.

There are quite a few of us in your area and Yorkshire, myself included (Selby/Goole) we often meet up, most recently at the Humber Bridge last month.

Check out our very own DroneScene map for places to fly, it also has a lot more features too.

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thanks get good to chat to fellow novices and pros and the meet ups some awesome

also is the mavic care worth getting ?

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Hi and welcome to GADC, good choice of drone and even better choice joining GADC, im sure there are lots of local members to help you out finding good places to fly . This site is full of very friendly and very experienced members plus shed loads of previous posts if you try the little search icon top right, the more you use the site the more you get out of it. Have fun

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thanks for the tip and rest a sure will be going through this forum with a fine tooth comb :slight_smile:


Also take a look on you tube at the videos by Ian in London he does lots of really good videos that will really help you get the most out of your drone , top bloke and best of all its English not American lol.

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Hi and Welcome to GADC. I am originally from Cleethorpes but live down south now. I hope to visit the area again over the Bank Holiday weekend and had thought about flying my MA2 down by Anthonys Bank in Cleethorpes. Should be quiet-ish away from the main beach.

Flown there many times, even on a bank holiday the far end of Fitties is quiet ;o)

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well the weekend weather looks horrible and have not had a good blast of mine yet :frowning: