First effort :)

Morning all.

I’ve been a bit quiet since joining the Forum, so I thought I’d post something to contribute…

A little project I was working on last year whilst waiting on my PfCO arriving from the CAA.

All footage shot on the Mavic. I’d say the indoor scenes were ‘fun’ to film, but in reality they were fairly nervous moments that required maximum concentration. Good experience though!

Anyway, hope you like :slight_smile:


Fab video, you’ve got some great shots in there.

My only real comment would be that it would have been nice to see some different styles of shots of the outside, which bar one or two were all straight shots (no lateral movement, or camera tilting). For example, I think there would have been a good opportunity to fly towards the house the lower the camera as you fly above to see the roof.

Well done!

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Overall an excellent video. The time of year, the foliage, the colours, the low sun casting long shadows all added to the atmosphere.

You say that filming the indoor scenes were “fun” - the “fun” factor could have been reduced of you had hand-held the Mavic instead, that said I have to say they were superb.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m still working on which aerial manoevures work best when filming. I did try some fly in low and then increase altitude shots, but they weren’t hugely successful…

It’s one big learning curve this drone malarkey!

Thanks :slight_smile:

I bought one of those frames that you can put the Mavic in and hold it by hand when filming, but to be honest my initial results weren’t great - vibrations from me walking were coming through to cause the footage to shake. I could have taken that out in Premiere Pro I suppose, but at that time I wasn’t that proficient on it (not to say I’m an expert now!)

Very nice.

Nice smooth footage. Agree with above about varying the shots outdoors. A few reveal type shots would be nice, operating gimbal up or down in opposite direction of vertical travel.

On the whole I really enjoyed it though, professional looking.

You should maybe think about investing in an osmo plus if you plan on doing indoor shots.

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Welcome back @Davester70 - and great video :+1:

I LOVED the colours :clap:t2:

Like this:


Looks great :slight_smile:

And I loved the sun trying to break through on this one too:


Any issues indoors re lack of GPS?


Thanks callum. Yes, I was looking at the details for the osmo plus only yesterday. At the price point of $130 it’s almost a no-brainer. Another gadget to add to the collection :smiley:

Thanks PingSpike :slight_smile:

No, there were no issues indoors on the GPS front. However, it’s only fairly recently that I noticed Tripod mode relies in part on GPS - I’d assumed it was just the vision system. Best to read the manual, right?

Nevertheless, the Mavic behaved impeccably indoors, albeit with the prop guards on (and yes, I forgot to activate the prop guard setting in the app too!).

Lots to learn, but I like a challenge :smiley:

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Be careful with your RTH settings as well indoors.


Yep. Was keeping a very close eye on the drone :slight_smile:

I love it, the colour profiles are fantastic!

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Cheers. Lots of fiddling about on Premiere Pro with the colours - some tweaks were more successful than others, but I’m pretty happy with the end result :slight_smile: