First ever flight

Mavic Air 2.

Just had my first ever drone flight and I was bricking it!

We have a small field (about three quarters of an acre) behind the house at the end of the garden but it is overlooked by about eighteen other houses. I was VERY aware that someone could’ve come out to have a look or complain in the middle of the maiden flight but everything was fine.

Apart from the woman sun bathing naked in her garden and the people in the house on the other side of the field having an orgy, there weren’t really any privacy issues. :grinning:

I was very apprehensive about taking it up to any great height but, I guess this will come with more experience. The only other thing to mention is that in the current sun, I could see absolutely nothing on the screen. I could barely make out the landing button. I think I’m going to need a shade for my spare iPhone.

I’m very pleased with the performance and the general handling of the Air 2.

I have some questions;

Do people have a favourite pair of sunglasses for this type of weather? I do suffer from floaty bits in my eyes a bit, so I could well imagine getting dazzled by a bright sky and losing site of the Mavic.

Also, as DJI suggest landing at twenty percent, is it a good idea to discharge the battery fully before recharging? If so, how does one do this?



I’ve heard of such goings on in that there London town.

I like my Oakley Monster Dogs.

I quite often let the drone hover near me for a couple of minutes, or just go up and down till about the critical warning hits in about 10%. Not sure if there is an adapter for charging phones/tablets from the MA2 batteries, that’s another way.

Congratulations on the first flight ;o)


Thanks Chris, I’ll check out the sunglasses.

Or any snug fitting wraparounds ;o)

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Congratulations on the first flight , Ive been flying for about 3 weeks now and still worries me especially the sun problem, Ive found the sun hood is great but as you need to face the drone the reflection is still a problem at times but Ive found wearing sun glasses make seeing the screen worse and I’m still seeking the answer to that, keep at it and the more you fly the better it gets. Have fun

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Thanks Scott, I had a look online and there’s a sun hood available but it won’t be delivered before mid-July. I’m hoping that fear of losing the drone or it falling out of the sky from 120m up goes away really soon.


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try eBay but select UK only i found i got the same on there as amazon had but got them in a few days


Thanks, I’ll take a look

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Your confidence grows with every flight, trust me. Took me 3 flights to get above 30m and thinking it was just going to fly away. Averaged about 95m high today and went about 1800m over a forest. My first encounter close to power lines they who out on me too, they made me jump!
I struggle with the screen in sun too, interested to see what works for you.

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Where did you say you lived?.


Thanks Paul. I realise now that the space I was flying in was much too small and overlooked by too many houses. Once the lockdown eases a bit, I’ll be venturing out.

Actually, this place used to be so quiet. South London but far enough away from the crowds to be pleasant. Now, it’s just getting busier and louder.

Yes - one of my business’s is custom sunglasses.

I would recommend a Shield lens with about 30 percent transmission. Works great in a wide range of light and not too dark that you can’t see the screen.

Also you want the best optics you can get so tone honest there’s only a couple of great options. Most of them are Oakley but there are others too - Dillon Optics (if you can get them) or Julbo

Here’s a good example of awesome flying glasses. 28 percent transmission, contrast increasing lens. This one is actually designed for looking up at the sky whilst catching a baseball. Custom painted by myself.

The lens is interchangeable so you can go darker too - for flying in bright glare with a lens around 10-20 percent trans.


Good discount on Oakleys?

Cheeky, but don’t ask don’t get ;o)

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That’s really useful info, thanks. To the Internet!

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Of course!

I never pay full price. I don’t sell Oakleys but do customise them.

I can defintely point you in the right direction.


Links? , I could do with a pair, do they do reading glass lenses?.
Need 2.5s, been ripped off by to many Opticians, found that standard reading glasses are just as good!.

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That would be useful. Thanks.

‘Size?’ dot co dot uk often have a few pairs pm offer at as much as 70 percent off retail
Definitely worth a look.