First ever time flying a drone

DJI Mini3 Pro, 1st ever flight and tried a Master shot.
I am sure I will improve😊
So please be kind


Edited your post to create the embedded player.

You only need post the YT URL, so just …

… rather than …

[1st ever drone flight - YouTube](

Thank you Ozone the 1st video link I have posted so new to it. I will learn - sorry

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No problems. :+1:

Nice little video. My first couple were purely composed of master shot clips too.

If you want to move it on a step in your editing, cut the master shot sequence into separate clips for each camera movement and lose the in between stuff where the drone is just repositioning itself. Then you can put it all back together into something that instantly looks a lot more finished.

If you run a couple of master shot sequences from different start points then that will give you more variations to choose from.


well done, much better than my first attempt

great start!

You didn’t crash so it’s all good. And nice controlled flight as well. Well done :+1:t2:

Nice flight shane


The video is really nice, I think it would have been cool to get around the other side of the windmill bit I guess it can be nerve racking at first.

You can see how you can cut from scene to scene in this video. I actually try and do it to the drum beats.

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Interested in OzoneVibe question, and your replies, I have no idea what the reply means, " you only need" YT URL etc can it please be clarified for those of us who my not be so tecchie, thanks

Nothing wrong with that! well done :+1: