First few photos near water i’ve tried - Purton Hulks - Gloucester


Nice photos :ok_hand: Where is this?

Don’t be afraid to overfly water Remember, the drone has no idea whether it’s land or water underneath and will do what it’s told. :+1:

Purton Hulks, side of River Severn, just down from Slimbridge

Amended your title just to give others a clue. :+1:



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@Barry7 there’s always apprehension flying over water …it’s that sense that if things go wrong you won’t be able to recover your drone …it’s understandable …Alan

The “Purton hulks” are along the banks of the river Severn and the navigation section of the river Severn “canal “. They consist of a number of obsolete/disused barges that were towed to this location in the early 1950’s and sunk to reinforce the river bank in this area that had been badly eroded by the river Severn tidal bore and was in imminent danger of breaching.