First Flight and Video

So yesterday I received delivery of my Mavic Air 2 and had already prepared by getting my Operator and Flying ID and labelled up the Mavic Air 2. So I ventured out to have a crack at flying and trying out some of the awesome features.

I tried a POI shot around a church nearby as it is is surrounded by fields. Anyway just a quick trim of the clip to get rid of the messy bits and here is my first attempt.


My goodness, Dave. Great video. You got the hang of the Air very quickly. Have you had a drone before? What video editing suite are you using?

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@IanH Thank you for your kind comment. I have not had a drone before apart from one of those tiny little cheap RC helicopters that you can only fly inside and the battery lasts for 5 mins.
Would you say that having actual flying experience helps as about 15 years ago I did about 9 hours of flying lessons towards an NPPL but due to cost couldn’t carry on. Needless to say it’s great to be able to sort of virtually get back up in the sky lol.

As for the the video editing it was just trimmed using iMovie on my MacBook. I am going to be getting out and getting some more short clips to make a bit more of a showcase and edit it properly etc soon.

Great video and looks super clear. Great bit of flying that .