First Flight at Last

Hi Guys.

Old hat for you guys but first time in the skies (by drone) for me. Bought a Mav Mini fly more combo and then discovered that DJI Fly wouldn’t install on my phone. Got another phone, no joy! Ended up getting an ipad Mini and a clip on tablet holder and I think it was money well spent as the Fly app and FPV experience is way better on a larger screen.

So tonight I got an opportunity to pop out for a maiden flight. Nothing fancy Take off, Land, take off, spin aroud a bit, go sideways, mess with the camera panning then some precision manual landing.

Only a quick ten minuter but so worth it. After flying helicopter sims using an xbox controller this was far easier. Despite a bit of wind gusting the Mini did really well in maintaining position. Shame i’m at work tomorrow till late but can’t wait for tuesdays day off.

Glad I got the extra batteries as I think I’m going to need them (think I’m going to need more time off too! :rofl: )



Well done , great little drone just watch the wind , if Iin doubt stick it in sports mode . Get out and enjoy it

Thats great glad you enjoyed it. Have just recieved my first drone today and am itching to get out and give it a go but the weather is awful. Good luck getting out for a full maiden flight soon.

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