"First" Flight. Sutton Scarsdale Hall

Flight skills and editing need some work but I’m quite pleased for a first go.


And your posting skills. :wink:

You only need post the link for YT posts, without using the link button. That way you get the embedded player.

Oh - and welcome to GADC, @A37Gnome!!

If you have a moment, pop over to #introductions and tell us a little about yourself. :+1:

Nice footage. The Hall looks quite eerie from that angle. Well done.

Nice . Do you live in the area .
I have done this place to death lol .
I live practically across the road .

Go on! Go through a window next time!

Maybe next time :joy:

Yeah, outskirts of Chesvagas.

Nice one . Clay Cross here .
No crashing into each other .

I did it and came out of the windows and then went back inside .