First Flight with DJI Mini 2 - Redhill Surrey

First flight with the DJI Mini 2. New to drones anyways so all a learning curve but an enjoyable one at that.


Nice one, where is it ?

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I am seriously contemplating buying one of those drones


PS… videos like that don’t help with my impulsive nature :wink:

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Cheers! It’s in Redhill, Surrey


Cheers, I’ve updated the thread title ;o)

No worries…Thanks

Great video editing, looks like you had fun :slight_smile:

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Great video! :+1:

Did you have any issues so close to Gatwick or Redhill? Any busybodies?

(reason for question is that I’m in Caterham, and I’d like to find somewhere local to fly).

I was on the edge of the red/ yellow zone in Gatton, so had to be careful with flight direction and distance.

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