First flight with error


I was lucky enough earlier today to fly my new MA2 in a field as the weather was good. It was great but not as easy as the pro’s make it look.
I had a message on the DJI fly app telling me to update the battery firmware which is easy enough.
I had an error message of sorts at the bottom of the screen in the middle where it usually shows a white semi circle with the white arrow. It was red and flashing what looked like a mobile phone. I can’t remember the message and tried to screen shot it but it wouldn’t. I know it’s a longshot but does anyone know what it means?

Many thanks

This means the GPS signal of your mobile phone is not strong enough, the relative position between the mobile device and the aircraft cannot be calculated.

So everything is ok, it will come back if need be (as long as the home point was set), it is just having trouble with that part of the display which gives you your position relative to the drone.

Make sense?

That’s exactly what I saw @milkmanchris.
For that reason I didn’t fly too far, I was worried I’d lose the drone. Can I do anything to help?

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As long as the you heard the message ‘The home point has been updated please check it on the map’ and the little H icon is where it should be on the map you is good, the home point is actually stored on the drone.

The app is asking your phone for its gps so it can show you the little graphic to show where you are relative to the drone, its very hit and miss at the best of times. Do as it asks and go through a compass calibration on your phone see if that improves it

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I had this issue and I solved it with a compass calibration on my phone. On my samsung galaxy s10 5g to do the calibration I had to open google maps app and holding my phone in my hand draw a figure of 8 in the air with the phone.

Hope this helps.

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I have found a video on YouTube and will try that next time I get the chance to fly

Thank you

Android or iPhone ?

I have a Samsung Galaxy s7 @milkmanchris

Ok you’ll have to google that, iOS here

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