First flight with Mavic pro2. (Holy cow)

Well I’ve managed to grab an hour alone with the MP2. What can I say except I’m very very very impressed. It’s not the Hassleblad camera, the results are to be expected and enough has been said about the superb image quality. What took my breath away was the way it flew, soooo quiet and absolutely rock steady. A lot has been compared to the original Mavic on YouTube but nobody seems to have come out and said what a superb stable and confidence inspiring platform it is. Don’t get me wrong, the original MP is very capable but there is something undefinable about the new MP2 that makes it seem like a totally different machine in flight.
I was wondering if I’d done the right thing when I ordered it as it seemed the same as the original, surely it can’t fly differently I thought. How wrong could I have been.


Looking forward to some video Brian when you have time.

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I’d love an hour alone with my bird, but my wife says I’m not allowed…

Did you ever try .700 firmware Brian?

Either way, the MP2 sounds like a fantastic bit of kit mate :+1:


I’ll check the firmware. I’m fairly sure it’s bang up to date as I upgraded everything before flight.
I did notice at first that the gimble was drifting sideways but it settled down after the first few minutes and movements, and hasn’t done it since. The horizon seems flat as well, some have reported a distortion but there’s none evident.