First Hangar 360 and a meet up

Hello my first attempt at a 360 (other programmes are available)

only problem I had was the blasted thing wouldn’t completely land but am well impressed

Had a meet up with a fellow Grey Arrow @chrisjohnbaker had a great afternoon over in Norfolk where you can breath and fly drones too (not like Bournemouth)

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That looks really impressive, makes me wish i was an apple user or they could just hurry up and bring it to android.

are you the two people by the blue blanket near the red building in the picture?

its fun playing “where’s the pilot” in pictures

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no we hid will take a screen shot and put an x
we are well hidden
only issue was the landing it hovered at 2 ft so switched of the controller and on again (learnt that from “IT Crowd” classic programme)


I do that all the time too :rofl:

Blimey Jeff, that’s a bit far south mate :smiley:

it has to be done rich you can’t stay in wigan all your life…

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even the chuckle brothers left…

from me to you…

Great to meet up with @sparkman999 at the North Norfolk Coast.
Exchange ideas and Local Family History’s, also to have a few flying sessions on a beautiful Norfolk day.
First stop, Cley-Next-Sea, but, the swifts took a fancy to Jeff’s drone on its way to a flight round the windmill !
we are just waiting now for baby’s called “Mavswifts” to come along.
seriously,they were a right pain in the r’s !.
Next stop “Wells-Next-Sea” rammed with Beach punters ,but we found a quite spot near the Lifeboat House, next to a groin.
Jeff had a fly around and done a great 360 Hanger Shot, his first attempt, came out spot on !!.
He had a problem with it not responding when hovering to land.
But, if all else fails, shutdown controllers and hope for the best !.
Very Interesting hearing of Jeff’s PFCO experience a few weeks ago, has made me wanting to do it myself even more !.
Was great being a spotter for each other, makes the experience even more pleasurable, for each of us.
Great Day Jeff, keep in touch !


Hello I’m new to to your site and I have never used hanger. Is it straight forward as connecting to the hanger 360 app?

Hi Ginny (sorry can’t see your real name in your profile)
Hangar 360takes care of everything (except landing which I will come to)
You go through start up controller the drone but don’t open go instead you open hangar let that go through the tests and press start it does the rest
I was a windy day area we where in so that may be the reason it didn’t land it just hovered at 2ft
Always worth a try these things