First Hangar 360 attempt

Manchester Ship Canal from Eccles


Cool pic @StevenPSCC :+1:

Manchester Ship Canal is on my ‘wannafly’ list, I’m aiming further down the line though, near to Thelwall.

Scary moment isn’t it? Closing the GO app and then watching some third party app whisk your pride and joy up to 91m away :smiley:

I was amazed at how fast it just shot into the sky

I know, right??

I NEVER fly like that :open_mouth:

Very impressive shot. Going to have to try this - as soon as I can tolerate another app taking control of my Mavic! :smiley:

Great shot of the canal and surrounding area.

If Hangar freaks you out, fly up manually before telling Hangar to start.

Have a look around to see if the area is appealing etc, then let it do it’s thing.