First lot of drone videos

Enjoying some time out with the drone, though my hands freeze pretty quickly. I’ll stick my newb stuff in here.


Lovely vids Liv :+1:t2: the first one as you breeze under the branches along the wall and over the hill crest is fantastic :ok_hand:t2:


I agree with Steve, Liv. Excellent, first attempts or not. :+1:

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Perfect length for tiktok!

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Thank you @SirGunner and @Mavic2Pro glad you like them! :relaxed:

Is there a big drone scene on tiktok I’ve been avoiding that platform like the plague haha there’s too many social platforms. I’m getting old, can’t keep up.

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Nice work. Looking forward to seeing more.

Whereabouts is this recorded?

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Thanks @DroneGeek! Filmed on the edge of Buxton.

Nice Videos Liv, how long have you been flying ??

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Cheers Rob, since 20th Dec. Would have been nice to have it in the warmer weather :cold_face: but there’s always next year.

Captured the dreaded Tier 4 rolling into the city