First Night Flight Video Air2S

Done some quick flights in the past to grab a photo but never flew properly with the intension of making a video.
Not sure I nailed the settings but im happy with this first attempt. Practice makes perfect I guess.



Nicely done, Steve. Nought wrong with those settings :clap:

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Thank you buddy, Slightly more noise than I wanted but it’ll do lol Also messed up a whole batteries worth of Hyperlapes. Nothing really wrong with it aprt from from just being really jurkey and ugly.

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Noise? I can’t see any. And it seems buttery smooth to me.

I need to have a go at hyperlapse on the Mini 2. It doesn’t have the button, like the MA2 and A2S has. But it can be achieved by either timed shots, or speeding up a video to 1000% in post.

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I’m going to try this next time, Think it would work better and wow! hyperlapes mode eats the battery.
Ill post my effort. :running_man:

Think my problem was, setting the shots to 4secs, now very little movement over 4 seconds is huge. lesson learnt.

Just uploading to the Tube now…

Love the idea just need to practise.

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I don’t think this method is designed for that, but more for parallaxes. Watch the above vid, he explains it better than me.

That’s how I did the Magic Roundabout. It can be very unforgiving.

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Why don’t you try this method on “just” the roundabout scene. I.e. swap out your traditional hyperlapse using this method :man_shrugging:

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Processing now :ok_hand:

Sped up 1000 times


Not sure you get the light flares as much doing it this way.
maybe itll look better in another location with more light and more going on.

Yes, the lighting has taken a big hit.

Was that from a native video file, or an output of your DJI hyperlapse?

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That was a video clip of its own, in fact 2 video clips.

Love the roundabout hyperlapes in the OG video, but started that when I had 50% battery left so didnt capture much.

What manual settings are allowed with A2S in video? Whats the longest shutter speed? I believe on MA2, when in video/manual mode, you can use the roller wheel to change the shutter speed further still.

In hyperlapes mode you can go right up to 8 seconds shutter

In video mode 1/25 shutter thats under 5.4K res

oh and same in 4K res

Mines just set to tilt the gimbal

That figures, as I suppose it is impossible to have a shutter speed longer than the FPS. I.e. if you are shooting at 25 FPS, thats one frame every 1/25 second. So your shutter speed cannot exceed that.

So basically, we have learnt that 1000% video-hyperlapse method cannot be used at night :joy:

Maybe ill try course lock, That’ll give me smoother footage, perhaps drop the shot time to 2 seconds too, that should smooth it out more.