First night shot

Learned a bit here, the EV I had set to +2 after setting the first shot at the ground, but still it was so dark, have had to lighten it up in lightroom, also wanted to bring out some stars but i think the park lights killed that off.

I would have loved to stay out and practice some more, but sadly it was freezing out there and as you can see I have raynaulds which makes flying in the cold much more difficult.


Too many years on the roads/breakers?

No, it’s raynaulds, slightly different to white finger from vibration. Too much time in cold places I guess :slight_smile: really do need to move somewhere warmer.

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Yeah whitefinger was my first guess.

Looks seriously sore :confused:

They go white and numb, then they can go blue. It isn’t really till they start to warm up they go dar red and get sore.

Think I need to practice flying with gloves on. And practice night exposure

I take fingerless gloves with me on the cold flights, they’re ideal. Not sure they’ll be ideal for you though :frowning:

I had some that had pads that allowed touch screen use but I lost them. Maybe time to treat myself again.

Glad I don’t get that as it looks painful, I presume heating them up quickly really stings, :flushed: I remember when got caned used to run to the hot radiator place my hand or arse against it to numb the pain :cry::cry::cry::cry:

Once I could get it oriented it’s interesting as once again learning from others, I’m going to do it near me one night as it’s very lit up so be interesting with mini 2 as I know it is much better then my Mavic pro for nightime from a test flight in the countryside I did before xmas. Thanks

Maybe something like this help

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We’re going way off topic here :smiley:

Suggest bumping this old thread, I’m sure there will be many new recommendations:

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