First pano shots with DJI Mini 3 Pro

Inspired by some of the beautiful photography on here I decided to try a few drone shots of Newbury, my home town, using my DJI Mini 3 Pro…

I was surprised that the resultant image was only 10MB or thereabouts, given that an individual image is 5Mb and it takes at least 10 shots. I thought the quality / resolution of the final image would be a bit more impressive to be honest. Not sure if I’m missing something. Any suggestions welcome.


They look good to me

You need to change the settings to raw+jpg for panos too. When you change it for photos it only does it for photo mode and not the pano mode too.

Hope that makes sense.

To embed the onebox preview share using the embed code and not just the URL ;o)

Oh yeah… that’s much better. Thanks @milkmanchris

Thanks for the response @firstadekit

Does that mean you get one massive RAW file at the end, or do you get all the individual RAW files that you need to stitch together manually in post?

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