First Panorama attempt

My first try at a panorama, using Mini SE and Litchi. Shot in the Cotswolds and mainly containing fields


Looks good to me !

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Looks great, unsure why it did not stich perfectly maybe it was litchi or gimble jumped as it can with a slight gust to knock it slightly, unsure if you can switch over to fly App and try to stitch it again and see if it will correct it as also wierd seeing FLY written in the sky also.

First attempt great and im definitely not being a prick being picky just here to help as it happens to me I think I’ve done a perfect shot and proud of it a @PingSpike he has a osd about horizon perfection :rofl::rofl::rofl: and glad to be pulled up on it as I can correct it in my next shot.

Afraid not, I’ve always found the Litchi stitched panoramas a little hit and miss (although complete control and stitching yourself outside of the app its much better thatnFLY, due to controlling the number of images taken).

Cheers. I’m all for the pricky picky feedback :wink:
Unfortunately as I only have the mini se the Fly app doesn’t have option for pano (or track, follow me etc) so I got litchi. The weird stick I think is from the direct Sun but I’ll keep playing and find out what works best. Cheers again :slight_smile:

Start towards the sun direction but never directly at it, what it will do is give you a better exposure.

Like @milkmanchris said use a program on your computer as you can do alot more to it and correct imperfections.

Unsure if your a master or novice at video editing , if your the latter try VideoProc Vlogger it’s free and fantastic and really easy to master with plenty of video tutorials, it does do 360°.


Does it doing stitching of images ?

Probably 360 Video - Insta360 style.

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You are right, :+1: I only took a quick glimpse for a friend as seen it recommended here so downloaded tested last week and was so straight forward to use, so googled but did not read properly just seen 360, dyslexic makes me see things and miss other things :scream::crazy_face: luckily when I try and help there is always others to correct me and I learn from it :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: hopefully mate not ask me that question as he manages 360° in the fly app thank god :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: