First post production

Ok chaps, my first drone film, Very early in the morning. I would welcome any comments, be gentle!!



Great video @booker999.

I have the great honour of presenting you the Coastal Flyer Badge.

More about the badges you can earn can be found here

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Some (hopefully) constructive feedback for you @Booker999 :slight_smile:

At the start of the video, I can see your shadow. A lot of your shadow. Then, I can see you!

Get out of the shot mate :slight_smile:

Around the 0:36 mark the video seems a bit jittery as your camera is tilting upwards?

At 1:34 there’s what looks like a static photo in there? Get rid of that too. The whole video has moving water in every shot, that one jumped out as the water suddenly froze.

The colours also look a little washed out at the beginning, might need some fine tuning there.

But for a first attempt, impressive stuff my good man :+1:t2:

By the way, what drone? I had a look at your profile but you might need to update it to add the full drone model in there :wink:

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Well done Chris, do you get a badge as well, the “My First badge award on becoming a committee member” :grinning:


Thank you, yes I did move the camera too quickly, I will review putting stills in too.

Thank you

Thank you for the badge. Really appreciated.

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Just checked, I have my drone details on there. Regards

It says “DJI Pro 2” :grimacing:

Ah yes, I have added Mavic.


Great first edit mate, nicely done.

Love that opener, from title to fade in. :ok_hand:
Looking forward to the next one.

Liked and subbed on the channel. :+1:t4:

Hope you don’t mind, I’ve had a little play with a before and after. Before being at the top.
Quite tricky as I haven’t got the individual clips to edit and had to do it as a whole, but has a lot more depth now. (Better viewed on a pc screen)