First propeller replacement

Flying the MP 15+ hours, I thought I’d never need to change a prop as they always came back in perfect condition.

I noticed these marks on one of the front props. Happened while I was traveling with the MP in it’s fly more bag which was in a hold-all. I’m guessing pressure on the bag from elsewhere must’ve caused this. I normally take the front two props off when using the fly more bag as it gives the MP a little more room in it’s compartment. This time I had left them on :frowning:
I did get struck by a bird on that trip but can’t see it doing that to one prop and leaving no marks elsewhere on the drone.

Used to look at all the props I got with the fly more combo and think that they might’ve been a bit excessive :face_with_monocle:

Finally getting to use one.

i allways check my props every flight and replace when any damage shows. not sure what the life expectancy is tho:grinning:

My props looked totally unmarked.

But then I took them off, for one reason or another, and found … Occasionally, check your props!

Should you replace props after ‘x’ hours flying time or are failures (for which there are no obvious external factors involved) rare? Is there any guidance on this?

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Just moderately regular inspection I think. No particular frequency.
That one of mine had been on there for well over 18 months.