First "proper" attempt at video

Here’s my first proper attempt at video with my Mini2…
I say “proper” as I have of course tried video in as much seeing how to turn it on and off, but with no real attempt to do anything with it. I’m far more interested in photography, at this point at least.

I took this with the aim of making it into something worthwhile. A tryout, if you will.
It’s not the best to be honest, but for a first attempt I’m quite pleased.
I’m new to this, so any tips, please let me know!

(I can’t see how to embed the video here, but the link should take you straight there… (Flickr…))

Location is near Porthcawl.


You’d find find that using YouTube or Vimeo work the best for posting videos.

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Nice video.

There’s an interesting structure with four columns at 2.42; it would be good to ‘swoop down’ with the drone to have a closer look at that.

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Good to watch and nice and smooth. As mentioned above YouTube or Vimeo will give you more scope for editing and overall presentation. :+1:

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Good video especially a first attempt, was it Southerndown?. The Dunraven Estate usually get very precious if you do anything more than walk on their land, where did you TOAL. I’ve only just got my drone so haven’t taken any shots yet.

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@OzoneVibe Thank you. I’ll look into that.
@rod11 Thanks Rod. That’s a bench!
@Xpro2 Thank you.
@jayel Thank you. I took off and landed on the beach.
I’ve seen people flying drones before around here. I’ll be sure to avoid, going forwards.

Nice video. I am planning on flying down there in the new year.