First proper flight of the DJI Inspire 1

First proper flight i have done since buying it and also first video made. Not sure about the video… The song is also I little OTT but thats what the app was offering.

I filmed this today at Hightown beach near Formby Liverpool. The beach is the Danger area of a live firing range that Is currently not firing due to covid so the beach is almost empty.


Which camera did you use on this flight @TonyDM?

Not entirely sure of its name but the one that comes as standard on the inspire 1 V2.0.

Like I have said a few times I am completely new to all this hence buying a used drone.

Im not sure that the camera settings are right the horizon seems to be at a slight angle, I did a auto calibrate of the gimble before it took off and the footage doesn’t look to be 4k in my opinion. But I’m not selling the footage it is just a hobby so I will learn as I go.

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Depends if it’s a Pro or not?

Zenmuse X3?

As for the horizon, gotta be honest mate, I couldn’t tell if your gimbal was resetting mid-flight or if it was some fancy transition you added in post :slight_smile:


Zenmuse X3 that’s the one.

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