First ‘proper’ flight with the MP2 (vids later)

Flew over the church on the hill at Holme upon Splading Moor, near…er…er…bugger all, a nice place to fly, as long as there’s not a funeral/wedding/christening.

Just a few short flights cos it started to drizzle, so decamped to Towton near Tadcaster and flew over the English Civil War battle site. (Palm Sunday, 1461). It’s a lovely spot to fly, open fields and valleys with a nice walk and a bit of history thrown in. The MP2 was flawless, apart from losing connection to my phone which was a dodgy iPhone cable, it’s amazing how easily you can fly with just the remote when not looking at a screen. I’ve noticed the sound is totally different, more like an actual aircraft than the annoying high pitch buzz of a drone.


Good flying site ;o)

Little history on the place here


Cheers Chris.


Whoaaa, nearly got vertigo looking at 360Hangar photos. Brilliant