First real flight and yet......Lessons to learn and learnt

Well, Black Rat and I are beginning to get the hang of things. We have been practising our flying a Box Pattern for the last 4 weeks. This week was the first time we didn’t clatter into a hedge. You’d have thought 5 acres of field safe as houses. Oh and I shouldn’t say houses as we flew into the dining room window like some disorientated sparrow last week which required new blades being fitted and others ordered.

I also ordered another battery which was a good price on Boxing Day, the thing is it’s coming from China and won’t be here till February. Ordered it from Amazon but didn’t notice it was dispatched and sent from the other side of the world by ship I think.

The thing was my helicopter flying friend asked me if I was filming this morning and on checking the App no SD card. Oh for five minutes, it was still in the card reader. “Nope Mark sorry.”

Anyway, this morning we had a lovely hour flying the box with a lot of continuous flying and not having to stop at each corner to turn. The low fog/cloud/mist out at Ninifield was a bit of a worry but with the sun burning it off we saw some lovely views of the East Sussex countryside.

Pack up and clean up then off for a coffee.

Batteries are on charge ready for a trip to the beach tomorrow afternoon for low tide at 14.48 according to the tide table.

So in my memory logbook lessons learnt today went,

  1. Fog/low cloud/mist isn’t a worry as long as you stay below or above it apparently.
  2. Remember to remove your SD Card from the card reader and put it back in the camera.
  3. Slow and gentle on the controls is good, fast and hard not so.
  4. A good price on batteries could mean a long wait from China, even if you do order it from Amazon UK.
  5. The UAV Forecast app is brilliant telling me it is a good day to fly, who knew.
  6. Costa does a nice Latte for post-flight warming up of hypothermic fingers.

Buy several good quality fast cards. Keep at least one in your carry case and one in your wallet.

A battery, directly after the flight, makes a temporary hand-warmer.

Airdata UAV is a great tool for automatically logging flights in detail. The free version allows up to 100 flights, subscriptions add more flights and more features. Well worth it and they have a UAV forecast type service giving a forecast for up to 14 days.

Good to hear you are enjoying yourself! :slight_smile:

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complete beginner…not even started flying. learnt a few tips from you. thanks

Oh thats good to hear @tellsonave. Thanks :blush: