First test flight with strobes

I just had a quick test flight with Cree strobes on my M2P

First flight had one red on the bottom and 2 white on the rear arms, facing backwards. Flight was all normal and OK.
Second flight was the same except for 2 extra white on the rear arms facing forwards. Flight was ok except the forward sensors do not function and it would have flown into the side of the house, also was a little jumpy when moving backwards.

I would guess in an open area this would all be ok, test flight was in our garden, 7 ft wall and house.
Will get some other flight in over the Christmas break.
Happy Christmas to all and hope you all have a Happy and Heathy New Year :+1:


Actually, I just ordered a test “Strobon” LED that is powered by a button battery (or small Li-Po). I intend trying it out on the belly of my Mavic Mini.