First test flight

Guys took me mavrik Pro Platinum our today for her first test run, holy cow was I impressed.

Couple of questions.

  1. The camera ball thingy, in flight I was controlling it with me right thumb on that stick but could only get it either facing forward or straight down (no in between) ??? What am I doing wrong

  2. using a iPhone with version 4 of the app (latest) - the video was recording for 9 mins but when I went into the app to view it had auto edited down to 30 secs. How car I get al the original on me phone ( I’ve got 512 gb iPhone XS)

  3. I was petrified when flying inside I press return to home, thinking it might return to my house as last night when I done firmware update in living room it said something about this location will now be return home location, how do I set a new location if I’m out

Thanks guys

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The camera tilt is controlled by the small wheel on the top left hand side slightly at the rear of the controller (turning it slowly will slow down it’s speed)
Also the buttons on the back can be configured (from the controller options) to tilt the camera from forward to downward (quickly)
The 30 sec edited film is part of the Go4 App, you have to transfer the Video from the Media Card in the Drone to your phone via a Mac/PC or with a Lightning Media Card Reader.
I strongly suggest that unless you are a competent flyer that you do not fly your drone indoors, as it more often than not does not get a GPS Lock.

The drone will automatically select Home at whatever location you are at.
it will announce from the Go4 App “The Home Point Has been Updated”
DO NOT FLY until you hear this !

I strongly recommend that you download the User Manual, and study it completely, several times, so that you are conversant with all it’s features, it’s one mean bird !.


And watch loads of tuition on you tube
Ian from london has a good amount of them he’s on here to :+1:


When you say “camera ball thingy” you’re not referring to the plastic cover over the camera are you? That is just a protective cover for storage which you should clip off before you fly.

Good luck and enjoy!


Jeepers you were so lucky… Never ever ever fly indoors.
I Suspect you have the camera control set to point down or back up at the click of a button. This needs configuring on the controller.
Wherever you take off from that will be the home point and the aircraft will set it as that, NOT your house, unless you happen to be taking off from your house of course.
I strongly advise you read the manual and watch lots of you tube before you have a disaster or flyaway and wonder what went wrong.

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Absolutely that :point_up_2:

There’s a fair bit going on the moment your Mavic takes off that its well worth getting your nose into the manual. YouTube is a fantastic resource too. :+1:

A little reminder to myself there! :point_up_2::grin:


No the camera covers had all been taken off - thanks


I’d echo all of the above.

Don’t fly indoors.
Read the manual.
Then read it again.
Watch the YouTube videos that tell you what to do.

Learn from other people’s mistakes - watch the YouTube videos and read the posts about how and why other people crashed / had near misses / lost their drone. See if you can work out what they did wrong before they tell you, or the subsequent posts from other pilots explain it. If you’ve read the manual and understand how the MP behaves, you should be able to work out what they did wrong.

I learned a lot that way. Things like ‘don’t fly through the arch of a bridge made of reinforced concrete over a river’. Yes it might look nice, but it’s risky. I saw one post from a new pilot that tried this. The rebar interfered with the signal, drone tried to ascent to RTH height, hit the underside of the bridge and crashed into the river.

When you power up the drone, before taking off ensure you have a decent amount of satellites locked on. Only then should you take off.

Once you do, the GO4 app will update the home point to the point from which you just took off.


As per others suggestions, please don’t fly indoors - not until you have many, many hours of flying practice :blush: