First time drone owner from York

Hi all, new to drone flying, only got it last week, not taken it out yet apart from the back garden and in the house, looking forward to getting some tips off you guys, thanks for having me.


Find a nice big big field to practice, nice and slow and enjoy yourself.

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Thank you Jim

Welcome to the club. It yes, just take it out in a very wide open area and start getting used to the controls.

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Will do, thank you Mind

Hi @Stuart1 and welcome to GADC.

I’m not a million miles away from you and commute to work in York. Lots fo us from this part of the world, and in better times we often meet up for a fly and chat.

They’re not a bad bunch on here, and I’m sure any questions you may have on your new purchase can be answered.

Looking for somewhere to fly. check out our very own DroneScene map, all the places to fly are member added, its also the only site you’ll ever need for where its safe and legal to fly


Thank you Chris, will look forward to meeting and flying with you guy’s when the current situation is better as well as the weather, cheers for the map.

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

I don’t think you have mentioned what you are flying?

As what the other guys are saying, nice open quite space where you wont be distracted and get familiar with the various settings. You have probably done most of that if you’ve been practicing in the garden. Also don’t forget to brush up on the rules/drone code.

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Cheers Rockeyes, I bought a Mavic Mini, really impressed and I will check on those rules/drone code, don’t want to upset anyone.

Hi Stuart and welcome to the GADC.

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Cheers SeaHunter

Ive heard nothing but great things about the Mini so you are off to a great start :+1:. Tempted to get one myself :thinking:
Learning about the rules and regs will not only help to keep you out of trouble but give you confidence if and when you get approached by Mr or Mrs Bignose. If in doubt check it out and ask here.
Looking forward to seeing some pictures too :slightly_smiling_face:


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I cant wait Bill, I’m nearly 58 and feel like I did when I got my first bike, exciting times ahead.

Same age so I know the feeling.

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I bought some parabolic mirrors and yagi antennas to try them out, could you use them together for a stronger signal?

To be honest I don’t know and I have a Ham Radio ticket :roll_eyes: You could always experiment but I would expect the signal to become very directional. Hopefully one of the other lads will chime in.
Could always try this?

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Cheers Bill, will research it further

I presumed that you are not using the MIni 2 Version. Keep us posted.

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No not the mini 2, I will try all 4 , without any , with parabolic, with yagi and with both, I will let you know.

Hi @Stuart1 and welcome, mate. I haven’t used any range extenders myself but there are plenty of vids on YouTube on them. I d just be careful about flying long range until you’ve got the experience under your belt. Remember VLOS regs and things can also get tricky when you lose sight of your drone. A set of strobes may help and of course there always the RTH button! Good luck.