First time drone owner from York

Cheers CSB73, I’ve been looking into the strobes, do you have any suggestions?

Personally I like the Strobon cree standalones by flytron. Just don’t look directly at them when switching them on! You,ll be seeing spots for hours!!


Cheers pal

Lots on here swear by the Strobon Crees


Do they just stick on or do you buy holders for them?

Would red to the front and green to the back be suitable?

Going to go with white on the front and red on the back, just like my car, know where I’m going then.

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Hi Stuart and welcome :+1:

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Some of us have 3D printed holders for the Strobon Cree lights.

These are for my Typhoon H.


Have a google as there may be ones available to print for the Mini.


Cheers Drumsagard

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I will have a look, cheers


Can’t fault your logic :smiley:

Welcome to Grey Arrows @Stuart1


Don’t let my Missus fly it then!


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:rofl::rofl::rofl: Been there, done that!

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You let your missus fly it? Lol

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Only back from the pub (what ever that is)

I know what you mean Fred, sad days