First time FPV hill surfing

Visiting my folks in Gloucestershire yesterday, finally got to get out of the flatlands and back into some hills.

Nothing dramatic, just a super chilled buzz around my childhood stomping ground.


Nice, love chilled flying in the countryside. Great video


Thanks! :pray: Definitely one of my favourite sessions to date. Down into the valley and back up was just electrifying tbh. :grin:


Great, smooth and really nice lens flare… Thanks!

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Brilliant video, great smooth flying in a great spot, great stuff

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Waw, I wish I could fly like that!

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Keep going. You will. :grinning:

Lots of practice in the sim helps massively. This was me about six months ago… and with lockdown etc. I’ve not had days and days of flying time at all.

It feels like a massive learning curve to start off then a few things will start to click and you’ll be zooming in no time. Caveats… I still regard myself as a relative noob at all of this. I crash. A lot. :joy:

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